140725 - Gangnam Blues filming account

The filming account of a hoobae actor:

Here’s the behind-the-scenes of the movie - Gangnam Blues, whose movie poster hasn’t even been released!! Firstly, an account of Lee Min Ho sunbae.. He is really charismatic, his height is at least 185.. and his body proportions are no joke. I’ve heard rumours of how his face is a lil big, but in reality, that is not the case.. his face is not big, his body proportions is also perfect.



^ Filming was carried out at Jeolla province. This is what is looks like pre-filming. The weather is really hot, the cast don’t even have a personal resting space, filming is really tiring. There isn’t a place prepared as shelter from the sun.. this is how the crew looks filming in such an environment. 


^ Holding wooden sticks and axes, this group of people are approaching Lee Minho’s gang. Today’s filming involved about 40 baddies attacking Minho and his gang. 


^The food support prepared by Minho sunbae’s fans. The food truck is of a high standard indeed. This is what it feels to be a Hallyu star. The other food supports I have experienced cannot be compared to this, the large variety of food and good service. Indeed.. it’s Lee Min Ho.


^This is a mobile coffee-house prepared by Minho’s fans. Without accepting any payments. unlimited servings of coffee and fresh fruit juices for the 200 staff members. Not a single cent collected, simply doing this as fans, this is really awesome..


^ After filming, this is us in our own clothes. Although we look youthful, we’re actually gangsters keke. 

Original source: Naver Blog나청엽, Chinese translation: @Minoz_苏喵

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Lee MinHo for LG

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Seoul International Drama Awards 2014

Outstanding Korean Drama Prize (Best Drama, Best Actor)

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Netizen Popularity Award

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2014 August Issue JP magazine 「KOREA TV Drama」 front cover #LeeMinHo / with poster

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Lee Min Ho for LINE
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City Hunter ep 6

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